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Get ready.REBEL JAMis coming.

what isREBEL JAMall about?

Rebel Jam will be a 3-day long Game Jam, recorded, edited, and split up into episodes that will be put on youtube. While game developers jam, some of gaming's best commentators, hosts, and let's players will be documenting the process, asking questions to the developers, conducting interviews, and generally serving as a medium between the developers and the audience. The goal is to show game jamming happen as it naturally happens, document the process of going from idea to prototype, and offer an accessible peek into the world of independent game development as well as creating something that's fun and interesting to watch.

Rebel Jam is currently being headed up by Zoe Quinn. Date and location TBA, based on the needs of the jammers. More details coming very very soon!!

Want to get involved?

If you're interested in participating in Rebel Jam, please fill out this form!




If you're interested in particpating in Rebel Jam, please fill out this form!

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